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Flat Plate Collector Technology

A Flat Plate Collector is a is a device that converts the solar energy from the sun into heat using the well known greenhouse effect.A typical flat-plate collector is generally made up of a metal box with a glass or plastic cover on top and a dark-coloured absorber plate on the bottom. And both the sides and bottom of the collector are usually insulated to minimize heat loss.

Flat-plate collectors heats the contained fluid to a temperature that is generally less than that of the boiling point of water which is best suited to its applications where the demand temperature is 500-70°C and/or for other applications mostly required during winter season.

Standard Model

Standard Model

It consists of collectors, insulated hot water tank with the heat exchanger with makeup tank, interconnecting piping and electrical backup, it heats the water indirectly. Recommended for water having hardness more than 80 PPM and for snow bound area for antifreeze.


  • Std.Model- Are not suitable/recommended for frost or harsh water regions.

Executive Model

Executive Model

Ex Model

  • Are suitable/ recommended for frost or harsh water regions.
  • High-Performance Black Chrome selective surface collector, for use in low to medium solar gain areas.
  • Ultrasonically/Laser welded absorber to copper tubes, ensuring high efficiency and durability.
  • The single-pane 5002/4 mm tempered patterned /clear solar glass having high solar transmittance up to 92% and excellent durability.
  • Silicon adhesive used for glass and frame attachments.
  • S.S.5004 tank with a sacrificial anode.
  • Thermosiphon technology requires no mechanical pump.
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP) standard
  • Suitable for non-pressurized/gravity flow cold water supply.

Key Benefits

  • Will reduce your heating costs by up to 90%.
  • Collector design withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • Enhanced tank protection.
  • Reliable, a low maintenance operation for years of worry-free hot water.
  • Trusted Complete Solar Systems warranties.
  • Hot water regardless of the weather.
  • Not suitable for water having hardness more than 800 ppm.
  • Tank made of Outokumpu stainless steel sheet (duplex grade S502101).
  • Suitable for freezer having hardness more than 80 ppm.
  • The beauty of the system is that it works on partially cloudy days.

Pressurised System/ Deluxe Model

Deluxe Modal

If the cold water supply is pressurized then hot water supply should be pressurized, for this application pressurized solar systems are proposed.

Complete Solar DELUXE MODEL consists of collectors, pressurized dish end hot water tank with the heat exchanger, interconnecting piping and electrical backup, it heats the water indirectly. It is recommended for pressurized water supply and for having hardness more than 80 PPM and for snow bound area for antifreeze.

It has all the components same as in Thermosyphon whereas the heat exchanger is outside the hot water storage tank and circulation through pumps and having differential control for highest output recommended for an industrial and commercial organization where the size of the tank is large.

Flat plate collectors are generally used where the the usage of hot water is generally high. These can be laundry houses or car wash areas. As flat plate collectors uses solar energy so it decreases the electricity consumption as compared to when electricity is used to heat the fluid. This is why it is also used in houses. Drawback of flat plate collectors is that it's installation cost is high which is why it not used widely.

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