Today millions of people living in remote rural villages of India, still have no access to grid power and depend on kerosene lamps for lighting and firewood for cooking. So we can imagine the quantum of carbon emission into the atmosphere. When it comes to your family they face difficulties in studying under poor lighting at night and women while cooking. Further, if we have a look on micro business such as flower, fruits, and vegetable vendors, kirana and tea shops have similar challenges. Outdoor solar lights are a really useful addition to your home’s external areas they give a very effective spread of lights to the surrounding space and require no electrical input to function.

What are the benefits of using Solar lights?

If you’re looking for a Solar lighting System, complete solar provides SPV Module tubular battery with box, a 4-meter pole with a weatherproof assembly inbuilt solar state charge controller. Some of the benefits of solar light are.
  • Easy to operate, lightweight portable.
  • ABS plastic body with acrylic chimney.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable SMF battery.
  • Save electricity and noise-free operation plus environment-friendly
  • Concise fluorescent lamp, with an electric circuit with a crystalline silicon SPV Module.
  • Overcharge deep discharging reverse polarity protection.
Street Lighting Solar System

Specifications of Our Solar Street Lights

Complete solar is one of the best trending company which is providing the best manufacturers of solar lights. Some of the diverse varieties of complete solar which is available:-
  • 507/40W SPV Module
  • 12V, 40AH Battery
  • 11W CFL Lamp
  • 11W CFL Lamp
  • 70/74W or 2 Nos. 505/507W
  • SPV Module
  • 12V 75AH Battery
  • 11W CFL Lamp
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation
  • 1 no. 507/75W
  • 12V, 40AH Battery
  • 9W LED Lamp
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation

What are the various types of Solar lights available on Intersolar System?

Here we have a different type of solar products which is available in the markets, which is fully cost-effective environment-friendly and long-running products. Some of the different varieties of the product are listed here:-
  • Solar street lights.
  • Solar garden lights.
  • Home solar lights.
  • Solar lights for poles.
  • Battery solar lights.

Why should you consider Intersolar as the best Solar light manufacturers and suppliers in India?

Select the correct product so that you will never find any troubles in future, choose Complete Solar which is the best product and one of the reputed brands in Indian markets verified by our more than 100+ happy clients.