Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater are the devices which uses a natural method of conversion of sunlight into the heat for water heating by using a solar thermal collector. When you are looking for a quality solar water heaters, look no more because complete solar systems has the best heaters which is not only good for its functions but also for the built it is made for.

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How Does Solar Water Heaters Work?

A sun-facing collector plate heats the water that passes into a storage system for so it can be used later. Solar water heaters are active and passive. Some of them uses water only, or both water and working fluid. They are heated directly using the sunlight or via light-concentrating mirrors. There are solar water heaters that operate independently or they work as hybrids with electric or gas heaters. When they are installed in large scale, mirrors may concentrate the sunlight onto a smaller collector for heating the water constantly.

We manufacture the best solar water heaters and also involved in the best way supplying of the products. You can trust us easily for the quality and the functionality of the product. So go ahead and now invest your money in the best solar water heaters and contribute your part towards the environment.

How Does Solar Water Heaters Work?

Collector Specifications

Dimension Of Collector: 1860 L X 1240 W X100 H MM.

Collector Area: 2.500 Sq.Mt.

Number of Fins/Collectors: 10Nos.

Absorber Material: Electro grade copper with 99.9%

Absorber Coating: Selective black chrome electroplated, to withstand 50 degree centigrade.

Raiser: 12.5 mm +/- 0.56 mm Copper tube.

Header: 25.4 mm +/- 0.7 mm Copper tube

Bonding – Header & Raiser: Copper brazing.

Bonding – Fin & Raiser Tube: Laser / Ultrasonic Welding.

Back Insulation: Rock wool/ Mineral wool/ Fibre Glass wool with 48Kg/ density.

Side Insulation: Rock wool with 25 mm thick, 38 kg/ density.

Collector Box: Aluminium extruded channel with Powder Coating/Anodising.

Collector Bottom Sheet: Aluminium sheet, 0.56 +/-0.08 mm thick

Collector Stand: M.S Structure with ename/epoxy coating

Glazing: Toughened glass, 4 mm thick with low iron, Transmissivity upto 92% at near normal incidence.

Retainer angle for Glass: Extruded aluminium angle with Polyester Powder coating.

Beading for Glass: EPDM rubber.

Absorber Area: 2.1 Sq. Mt +/-0.1 Sq.Mt/Collector.

Heat transfer media: Water.