Solar SPV Panel manufacturers and suppliers in India – Complete Solars are majorly known to manufacture the best SPV solar Panels. SPV Panels are basically solar products that contain panels that absorb sunlight as the main source of energy to generate electricity.

SPV Panels are very beneficial in its every aspect. As electricity is not available in very areas as well as in case of emergency when electricity is not available. Complete Solar Systems provides SPV panels which can provide around 4 hours of emergency electricity when needed in a day.

Mono and Poly-Crystalline SPV Solar Panels

We provide all types of manufacturing services for these types of solar modules. These solar modules can be installed anywhere for the best results. They are affordable and are of high-quality. You can trust Complete Solars for the best quality products. Below listed are some of the solar modules that are manufactured by us.

Model IS-40/12 & IS-75/12

Model IS-100-12/ & IS-500/12

Model IS-250/24 & IS-50/24

Technology and Quality Used in Our Solar Modules SPV

Complete Solars one of the largest manufacturer of Solar Energy Equipment in India and solar photovoltaic modules. The company introduces high-end products strictly according to ISO 90001, 140001.

Complete Solars Poly-Crystalline Solar Module IS-100/12 to IS-160/12


Top Quality Products

Complete Solar 50 Years Quality Warrantee

Complete Solar 12 Years > 90% Output Warrantee

Complete Solar 25 Years > 80% Output Warrantee

Complete Solar 25 Years Working Life Warrantee

SPV Solar Product Features

To know more about the product, it’s important to know its features to know that product well. The SPV modules that are available with us are of high quality and has all the requirement that anyone wants. Below is a list of few features of our product.
  • High transmittance low iron tempered glass.
  • RFID enabled module for identification and traceability purpose.
  • 100% EL_Tested before lamination to ensure invisible defects like cracks, free module.
  • UV resistance weather to junction box with inbuilt bypass diode.
  • Specially designed to meet our customer’s satisfaction.

Applications of our Solar Modules

SPV Panels available at Complete Solars can installed anywhere as well as can be used easily. Below are some of the applications of SPV panel that will compel anyone to buy and use these products. Scroll down to have a look at the various applications.
  • Off-grid residential systems.
  • Street lightening solution.
  • Solar pumping solution.
  • On grid rooftop residential.
  • Defence requirements.