Swimming Pool Heating Solar SystemComplete Solar Systems provides Swimming pool heating solar system which is one of the most cost-effective systems which uses solar energy today. Most of the swimming pool needs some sort of heating systems, either to increase its temperature during spring and autumn seasons or to maintain its temperature during the summer season when the pool is used the most. By installing a Swimming pool heating solar system, the use of all swimming pool can be generally increased by up to five months a year just by using the solar heat energy. Solar pool heating system types will vary by its pool design, location, and availability of sunlight but the principle remains the same.

How it’s Working

Working Solar Pool HeaterSwimming pool heating solar system has following components:

  • A solar collector
  • A filter
  • A pump
  • A flow control valve

Pool water pumps through the filter and then goes through the solar collector, where the heating takes place before it is returned to the pool. In Summers, the collectors are also used to cool the pool by circulating the water through the collectors at night.

Some pool heating solar system includes some sensors and a valve to divert water through the collector when its temperature is sufficiently greater than the temperature of the pool. When the collector temperature is similar to the temperature of the pool, filtered water simply bypasses the collectors and is returns to the pool.